“The street is the best scenario for experiencing and capturing the essence of those most authentic moments in people’s lives, including myself from behind the scene” - Encarnacion G. Caba



Curiosity for art in all its expressions together with traveling has made Encarnacion G. Caba an independent street photographer with a delicate touch to portray life.


Her stages in life have been an open canvas that started as a child with inheriting the aesthetics and techniques of Spanish art. In her early twenties, she had the opportunity to study at Saint Martins in London, where she fulfilled her interest in researching the different fine art disciplines and became part of the international media industry. Those journeys abroad showed her other worlds and a passion that made her bloom into a photographer at heart.


It is in New York where she crossed path with Artist and Creative Director Barb Sherin of Queb Advertising.


 After years of working together, they have recently joined forces to launch 10022NY, publishing “Cinematography at a Glance” Encarnacion latest and most remarkable artwork about New York. A series of shots that work, are poetic narrative, versatile and yet natural elegance.


Both artists continue to get inspired by the infinite faces of art while giving a unique work  to the public.

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